About Us

Our Mission: “Improve the quality of life for the citizens of the Rossville community.”


In 2002 a small group of citizens came together in Rossville to form the Rossville Community Foundation. What began as an effort to gather and manage funds for a community pool has now matured into a Foundation that has assets of several hundred thousand dollars. The Rossville Community Foundation has been a valued partner in several community projects over the last 20 years.

More than $300,000 has been raised by the Foundation since its inception. Money is carefully granted by the Foundation board for programs/projects in the Rossville community.

Our committed and dedicated Board of Directors has guided our projects and continues to explore new and innovative opportunities for the Rossville Community.


Our Goals:

The Foundation has several goals for community development projects including:

  • Nurture leaders in the community.
  • Preserve the history of the Rossville community.
  • Explore new and innovative opportunities for the Rossville community.

“Anything is Possible”